Associate Consultants

We are a coalition of senior consultants, each with over 20 years of experience in various people and organisational development fields across more than 30 countries. We have become a one-stop-centre for people and organisational development solutions. Our consultants typically cover a wider scope than the listed deliverables.



Area(s) of specialization


1. Dr. Godfrey Kalibbala Organization Development; Professional Coaching
2. Esther Kasirye CRM and Financial Management; Corporate Governance
3. Eseza Catherine Byakika Human Resources Development
4. Jennifer Kaahwa Katekaine Strategic Management
5. Stella Ayo Leadership, Management and Development
6. Josephine Kaleebi Organization Development
7. Sheila Rachel Bwango Human Resources Management
8. Eileen Laskar Coaching; Coaching Training
9. Mike Stimson Executive Coach
10.  Patrick Ngolobe Human ResourceDevelopment
11. Cecilia Kabanda Gender Training and Rapporteuring
12. Esther Kasirye CRM and Financial Management
13. Kennedy Ssejjemba Business planning
14. Bakirya Judith Strategic Planning
15 Richard Ssebagala Customer relationship management,
16. Justine Kyewalabye Strategic Planning
17. Leonard Imanishimwe Strategic planning, M&E and other OD areas
18. Jeniffer Kaggwa Busulwa HR and OD
19. John Bosco Tuhairwe HR and Organizational development
20. Steven Masaba HR and sales and marketing
21. Sam Bwaya Finance and Accounting / Management and leadership. Co Facilitator in trainings
22. Muhumuza Fred Personal finances
23. Paul Muwanga Finance and accounting
24. Robert Opobo Canwat Finance and banking
25. Audrey Addison Williams Leadership training
26. Bill Bruty Resource Mobilisation
27. Ivan Ssenoga Finance and accounting
28. Maggie Kaddu Baliddawa Human Resource Management & Development
29. Kisubika Olivia B.N. Customer Care, Self-management and Motivational Talks
30. Rose Wangwe (URA) Management
31. Agnes Kirabo partnerships, communication, advocacy, networking
32. Eileen Walusimbi Strategic planning
33. Jacqueline K. Isoke Human Resource/ Report writing
34. Musimenta Angelitah HR/ Salary Survey
35. Ritah Kyagera Report writing
36. Juliet Mpiima Human Resource
37. Sylvia A. Nannyonga-Tamusuza Project Coordinator/OD
38. Kasumba Andrew Business/Marketing/finance
39. Janepher Sambaga Nsozi Lobby and Advocacy with Government for the Private Sector
40. Mercy Agaba SACCO/Business Establishment
41. Edwin Kamugisha French Interpreter
42. Dennis Ntege Team Building
43. Simon Peter Nangabo Leadership Trainings
44 Rhona Nantege Governance,  Leadership, and Human Resource Management
45 Hannah Namuyomba Strategic Retirement